“Annoying Ways People Use Sources” – my reflection

My final reflection. Well, isn’t this bitter-sweet? To the 1-2 people who will ever actually read this, you can rest assured that I will keep on reflecting long after this post is complete. Unless, of course, I turn into a vampire. Get it? No? Whatever, I thought it was funny. It’s almost 1:30PM on Friday, however, so if I don’t get this one finished I may have to take this course again next semester and then you all (yea, all 1-2 of you) will have to endure my long winded reflections for another 3 months. Anyway, I am pretty embarrassed to admit that I did not know a whole lot about citing before I read this article and I have been a writer, in some form, for my entire life. Even more embarrassingly, I am only 100% sure of one thing: I still don’t think I get it completely, haha. I always enjoy learning about new things, especially as they pertain to something that I am genuinely passionate about, but I would never have guessed how little I actually know about this craft. I mean, they are just words, what is so complicated about that? Apparently a lot of things. The cleverness and the wit certainly jumped out at me, though. In my opinion, the best writers are the ones that can incorporate a little humor into things, and someone told me I was funny once and I never stopped running with it. Even when I should. I guess, in a nut shell, I would say that the more I learn about things like this, I wonder if I will ever make a good writer in any academic sense. Because I find it hard to care about things like citing, and rough drafts, and other things of that nature. I always felt that writing should come, and even flow, naturally. Cutting and pasting and editing so much seems so – tedious. I suppose, that is one thing highlighted in this article, though. Sometimes you have to break out of your comfort zone in order to break into someone else’s.


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