“Reading Like A Writer” – what this means to me

The really bizarre (yea, that’s right, I said bizarre) thing about reading this article, aside from the ironic title,at least for me, is I kind of already do read this way. I have always, sometimes detrimentally and obsessively, questioned the author’s intentions when I read things. And even while I watch television or movies, as well. When I was younger, I had really bad ADHD, but I also LOVED to read, which is not a good combination let me tell you, so I had to train myself to read every word, one in front of the other, sometimes several times, and in doing so I always caught myself wondering what I might do differently with the wording, or with the plot itself. I have always gotten bored rather quickly, and my vanity knows no bounds, so of course I generally always thought it could be better. Except for maybe the “Harry Potter” series, which I found to be perfect. And maybe I still do. At any rate, I have often felt like I have a better understanding of the things I read, or watch on television, because of my ability to picture the story that way, from the writer’s perspective. I seem to be able to see things coming before they actually do, using only the cues the author WANTS us to see, though not many actually see them. In fact, on more occasions than I can count, this “ability” has thoroughly annoyed the people around me. I have even been accused of reading or watching something previously and then lied about it. Haha, to what end? So that I could later read it or watch it with someone else, and be able to outwardly guess at the majority of it to sound smart? Please. Instead, it is because I have been using these techniques ever since I can remember. So, what does reading like a writer mean to me? Everything. I am not sure I would be able to enjoy it otherwise. I was a reader before I was a writer, after all.


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