Oh, And One More Thing…

Now that a little back story has been given, I want to just explain a couple of other things and then I feel like everything should be able to flow together without anyone being confused as to what is happening. I have been toying with the title “Two Sides Of The Fence” for a couple of years now. It was meant to be, and still someday might become, the title for a book I have been writing in my head for most of my life. The title is both figurative and literal in a sense, I am two different people. I have lived two different lives, two completely different personalities… and so on and so forth. So my blog will jump back and forth between those two people. The man I was before 2013, and the man that I have become since. The fence is the literal part, because while it truly did separate me from the outside world, physically, it separated me from a lot more than that. Drugs turned me into a different person, and it was a person that not a lot of people cared for deep down, but prison… Prison turned me into yet another one, and as you will come to find out if you keep reading this blog, it was NOT always for the better.


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